sanctuary school districts…


What are sanctuary schools?

The term ‘Sanctuary School District for Parental Rights’ refers to municipal jurisdictions in the United States of America that limit their cooperation with the state government's effort to impose laws that usurp the authority of parents in their children’s lives, or to impose an ideology that is contrary to a family’s core values through state-mandated educational policies.

Leaders of Sanctuary School Districts say they want to reduce governmental control over families, and empower parents and legal guardians to exercise their fundamental rights endowed to them by their Creator to determine who gets to speak into their children’s lives, and what that content will be. These heroic leaders enact district-wide policies ensuring parental rights, including notification to the parent/guardian of children leaving school campus for any medical reason, including the seeking of an abortion, trans-therapy, or any other ‘medical’ service. They also reject the enforcement of AB329, SB48, or any other law requiring the teaching, approval, or encouragement of any type of sexual behavior.